• Pass Your Past

    We are moving past the point where we gave up, wandered away, did it on our own or whatever the case. We are excelling pass the grade of our past performance.

    Are you ready for the harvest of endurance?

  • Declare Your Harvest

    Sow seeds today based on what you desire in your future. Begin sowing daily now to see unending harvest.

  • Leave Your Problems For Your Promise

    Just because it became normal for us to be where we are, doesn’t mean this place is where the fullness of our promise resides. God will bring us out just so He can take us to where He promised we were going.‪

  • No storm here - Just Breakthrough

    Sometimes, the wind blows just to get you to the other side. Ride the waves. Enjoy the ride.

Always Something Exciting

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Dionna Ellison


Dionna M. Ellison is a native of Cleveland, Ohio. Filled with the Holy Ghost at age 7, she began working in ministry at the age of 10. She accepted the call of word ministry upon her life at the age of 15, and began preaching at the age of 18. Dionna M. Ellison served at God’s Will Church under the leadership of Pastors James & Chaundra Lukes for 19 years.

Sharing the Word

A Collection of messages shared from weekly conference calls.